MK Winter Night Shelter

Winter Night Shelter MK: St Andrews Venue

When: We run on a Monday evening through to a Tuesday morning.

11.30am - 12.30pm Set Up,
6.45pm - 10.45pm Evening, 
9:45pm - 06:30am Overnight
06:30am - 08:30am Morning.


What do we do?
We provide warm, safe and friendly accommodation for the homeless in the coldest months of each year. The scheme runs annually between November and March, providing a hot meal, a bed and breakfast to approx 30 guests per night across two venues. Volunteers interact with the guests during their stay, engaging in a variety of activities including games, films and quizzes.

2018/19 Season
Our 2018/19 season has now come to a close. We are thankful to our team of approx. 75 volunteers who helped make this happen. This was the first season we started in November and ran through until Mid-March.
The project this season was able to support 103 guests, of these guests, 
21 abandoned their space, 14 were removed from the shelter, 43 have been moved on and the rest are still receiving support from the project.

We are grateful to all who volunteered their time, and to all who donated items in need for the project.

Winter Night Shelter: Rebuilding Lives

Winter Night Shelter Feedback

“I have really enjoyed helping, not really what I expected (although not sure what I expected). I enjoyed meeting clients, although apprehensive at first. Certainly see things in a different perspective now. Hope to carry on next winter”

“The Winter Night Shelter project has been very rewarding and enjoyable. We have got to know the guests and all their personalities as well. You realise that homelessness can happen to most of us, change of circumstances, relationship breakdown, being made redundant, illness, etc.”

“This experience has been very enjoyable – meeting these great individuals with such colourful backgrounds. It’s a good reminder that we should love everyone just as God loves us as we are all made in his image”