Gethsemane International Ministries

Who We Are
Gethsemane International Ministries is a body of believers who gather together in Bangalore under the leadership of Pastor T Prabhu. We are a growing community of 200 people, seeking ways to best serve the people of Karnataka State. We have been gathering for eight years and continue to consider this as a blessed calling by God to love, serve and share our Lord Jesus Christ within these communities.

What We Are Doing
Over the last seven years, Pastor Prabhu has visited and seen a lot of deprived and poor people, uneducated people and street beggars. He has also seen people who are jobless, homeless, orphaned and many ailing people. Convicted of a heart for his people in Bangalore and the state of Karnataka, filled with compassion has put his faith in action. Gethsemane International Ministries are feeding, sharing, caring and church planting.

Feeding: We go to the streets of Bangalore and local community and feed the homeless using the food that the church has provided.

Sharing: Gathering together, discussing and discovering more effective ways of improving living conditions in Karnataka State. We listen to people,

Caring: Where needed and possible we provide medical aid to individuals in Karnataka State.

Church Planting: Currently we have eighteen house churches through the work of our street evangelism. Here we seek to empower, encourage, enrich and enable the people in the state of Karnataka.

What We Want to Do
EducationSet up an education centre in Gethsemane International Ministries, allowing people of all backgrounds affordable education.

Health CareWe would like to offer health clinics within the state, providing urgent medical aid.

WelfareSupporting people to improve their condition of living through walk-in clinics.

Ways in Which People Can Help

  • We offer gap year placements
  • We offer short-term mission opportunities
  • Keen to work in partnership with like-minded individuals and groups
  • We welcome donations of equipment or/and finances.
  • We welcome people with specific expertise that complement the work we are doing and seek to do.

Contact Details
For more information, or if you are able to help in one of these areas, our contact details are:
UK Office:  St Andrews Baptist Church,, 01908 415192
India Office: Gethsemane International Ministries,, 011-91-80-25453531 


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